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We connect qualified technicians with MSO/Contractors for the Cable Industry.

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2600+ Cable Technicians use Coast to Coast Nationwide.

  • Last night i had the 5th technician out at my home in the past month and a half to fix a service problem that has been plaguing me. Finally, they sent out tech 2545, I believe his name in Ansumar. He showed up late for my 5-7 appt, but to his credit, i live in a place that most can not find and when he called for directions, i was in the garage working. Approx 7:45 he showed up and i expected someone with a poor demeanor due to the time of night. My poor expectation couldn't have been more off point. This guy got out of his truck and seemed happy to be here. He met me with all smiles and was eager to find the problem. The previous techs all quickly changed out boxes and were gone in a matter minutes. When i told him this, he took out his computer and hooked it up to the wires and knew exactly what the issue was. He explained he would have to change out some wires and would have to run them in my attic. He said it would take about an hour or so. I assumed that he was going to set up another appointment due to how late it was but instead he asked if i would feel put out if he did the work that night! He explained he was afraid that if he rescheduled the job, the next tech might have the same difficulty finding the house as he did and maybe it wouldn't get done. Besides, he said he already knows what has to be done. This guy had it done in under an hour! My wife made him a plate to go because he said he had an hour drive to get back home. My frustration i had from the previous 4 techs was instantly gone due to this guy. If he wasnt upset with having an appointment at 7pm that was an hour away from could i stay mad. This guy is top of the line. Whatever it is you pay him....its not enough. Thank you

    Comcast Customer - Ingliss, Florida

  • "For the past 3 years i have counted on Coast to Coast to provide the additional manpower support during seasonal surges and college rush scenarios. Their team comes prepared on day one and requires very little preparation for their techs to augment into my existing workforce. They fit right into our "team" attitude and assist us in accomplishing all our goals. We have grown to lose the worry about what kind of tech will show up. They always arrive on time, presentable, prepared, and ready to work. Obviously inspected prior to arrival and well managed by their own staff while they are here."

    Project manager - RWL Communications

  • "My Prime contractor uses Coast to Coast telecom to supplement their workforce and i must say that i am impressed with their professionalism and drive to be part of the team. Their leadership has not only made great relationships within the Prime but has developed a great repport with my team as well. They truly make it their goal to advance the goals the entire team. Very professional and reliable! I look forward to seeing them grow into some of my other markets"

    SR. Operations Manager - Comcast

  • Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!! Today i had the pleasure of having James. tech #2747, in my home to upgrade me to the Comcast Xfinity services. He was on time, polite , and even wore covers for his boots when he entered my home. He did a magnificent job getting everything set up and was extremely patient with explaining how to operate everything. I am an 72 year old woman with very little technical prowess. James was kind enough to write much of what he said down in case i forgot later on, which of course i did. Your company is truly blessed to have such a kind and patient individual as part of their ranks. Thank you again and i look forward to my next encounter with your wonderful technicians.

    Comcast Customer - The Villages,Florida