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Coast To Coast Teams are fully equipped, qualified and ready to work day one. Our Team has been vetted and screened to comply with required experience, vehicles and equipment. We ensure that our Team has the proper insurance requirements that our Prime Business Partners expect.

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Cable Services

Our Services Include


For our Teams, we recruit primarily from within our experienced cast network of technicians whose work ethic is known by many Prime contracts. No need for costly ads and worries of what type of tech will show up. Our techs are proven.


We hire experienced technicians who undergo a comprehensive screening process to ensure their experiences meet your particular skillset requirements.

Job Matching

Our large database allows us to easily match qualified cable technicians to jobs anywhere in the country.

Background Checks

We save you time by interviewing countless technicians and verifying background records for you.


Coast to Coast assigns a Team Liaison to your company to ensure a smooth integration between our companies.

Testing & Qualifying

Each Team Member must demonstrate that they are familiar with your MSO's skillset requirements prior to being assigned to a team.

Why hire us?

By hiring out team, your company eliminates the guess work on what type of tech will show up on that first day. No need to put out costly ads and spend time interviewing countless technicians who over promise and under provide on their committment.
Coast to Coast manages all the details to make sure there are no questions or misunderstandings about the procedures and policies as well as expectations of both the contractor and the technician.
Our focus is providing services for all states to prime cable contractors and MSO's. Contact us for more details.

We save you time in

Job Search Marketing 88%

Recruiting 78%

Qualifying Technicians 82%

Training 72%

In Summary

Our company will provide a Team who is knowledgeable, professional and properly equipped to perform quality work.

  • We go the extra mile in vetting
  • Provide knowledgeable cable installers
  • Let us worry about the recruiting
  • Seasonal or long term